On conference video and its archives

January 21, 2012 Comments Off on On conference video and its archives

As any seasoned visitor to the conference knows, XMLPrague was streamed to the Internet in couple of its latest annual incarnations.

XMLPrague video streaming started as a kind of experiment with a generous offer by River Valley’s Kaveh Bazargan in 2009, and it continues with MediaWork, our current media partner, till today.

Over the years, we enhanced our video stream with the twitterwall feedback, than has become quite popular by both oversea participants and lurkers, and people in the auditorium (hopefully by the presenters exposed to a barrage of witty text-bits as well).

While on-line video stream is a great feature for the conference, we felt that the records, the information they bear, should be available even after the sessions flow beyond the event horizon. Video providers offer their own video archives, but it seemed to us that we should expose the records more visibly, in a way more convenient for a watcher seeking XML-related enlightenment or entertainment.

Thus we deliberate to go mainstream, and opened a XMLPrague Youtube channel. It contains couple of key videos from the last two years now, and we will add more over the time, including videos from the upcoming 2012 conference.


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