230 folks heading to icy Prague

February 8, 2012 § 2 Comments

The registration through XML Prague website is over; 230 participants have registered for this year’s event. Though this is 100 more than the last year XML Prague remains a relatively small meeting; and we hope it will keep its informal and friendly atmosphere. The scenery is changing but people remain. BTW, the people are coming from nearly all European countries, the USA, Canada and even Australia.

We can guarantee that XML Prague will be a pretty cool conference this year. More than cool – ice cold, frozen, arctic. Like most of Europe, Prague is very cold these days. According to a local forecast, temperatures during the day can be as low as -15 C (5 F). All facilities are of course heated but don’t forget your winter cap and scarf if you want to survive in good health outside.


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  • Abel says:

    Good to see that the change of location allows for more people to come. Previously, the number of attendees was limited and you needed to be in time for registration to be able to attend.

    OT: on the site xmlprague.com I don’t see a way to contact someone from the organization. I have a question, how and who should I contact?

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