XML Prague 2012 is history

February 17, 2012 § 5 Comments

The seventh edition of XML Prague is over. I dare to say that the risk of changing the venue has paid off. The conference got a new energy, with new people coming in addition to our permanent visitors. Some complained about a few things but the overall mood was positive. Which is the main reward for the small group of organizers who did their best to arrange an event for 230 people. We know, of course, where is the room for further improvements.

Those who want to know what XML Prague 2012 was about can read detailed descriptions by Eric van der Vlist and Geert Josten. XML Prague has always tried to be open to opinions from the outside of XML community, and has given space to ideas about how to bridge the gap between XML and other worlds (web, databases). This year, maybe every second presentation has mentioned JSON (even though offten from XML point of view). The relation of XML to HTML, JSON or RDF was in the air all the time.

The basic parameters (date, place) of XML Prague are not going to change for the next year. We will try to maintain the quality of program, and to improve the quality of coffee. To slightly increase the number of visitors while shortening (or accelerating) the queues. And the trend of looking beyond the borders of XML technologies will continues, perhaps making a larger step.

Many thanks to all who found their way to chilly Prague this year – we are already looking forward to the next edition.


§ 5 Responses to XML Prague 2012 is history

  • georgebina says:

    Do you have anyone that rejects June as a possible date? I will really like a lot more (XML) Prague in June than in February :).

  • Petr Cimprich says:

    George, there is no strict rejection from anyone; some people prefer February and some other June or perhaps other months. It seems to me that Feb is better considering when the other XML conferences are during the year. And in general, June is a more busy month when people might already have other activities.

    Anyway, the above article is just my opinion rather than an official and unchangeable statement.

    What is wrong with February – other than the cold which was extraordinary this year?

    • georgebina says:

      1. Our Wednesday flight was canceled and we were lucky to get a flight Thursday, arriving just in time for the pre-conference day.

      2. We were not able to see anything in Prague as it was almost impossible to walk due to the very cold weather.

      3. Our trip back home was also at chance, we were very lucky but very close to remain another day on the road.

      So, basically all these complains are about the weather. I am sure in June there are no problem flying to/from Prague to anywhere and people can enjoy Prague at least as much as they enjoy the conference :).

  • joe crowther says:

    What ever happened to March, the most recent conferences have been ok then no?

    As you say, it was exceptionally cold this year, even the Czechs said it was the coldest it had been in 30 years!

    The organisers did a great job in the new venue, will take extra thermal clothing next year just in case.

  • cutlass2011 says:

    next year hopefully we won’t have this freak weather as we did this year … in previous years the summer was far too warm.

    I think that our schedule is first constrained by access to the venue and scheduling of other conferences … currently Feb continues to be a good window.

    we knew that changing venues and dates would cause some potential issues and we will learn from this year’s to make things better.

    pls send us your ideas to info@xmlprague.cz

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