On conference video and its archives

January 21, 2012 Comments Off on On conference video and its archives

As any seasoned visitor to the conference knows, XMLPrague was streamed to the Internet in couple of its latest annual incarnations.

XMLPrague video streaming started as a kind of experiment with a generous offer by River Valley’s Kaveh Bazargan in 2009, and it continues with MediaWork, our current media partner, till today.

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Pre-conference day

October 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

The XML Prague conference will include two full days of sessions in 2012 again. These will take place on Saturday and Sunday (February 11-12, 2012) – the weekend format works well and there is no reason to change it. However, we are adding Friday (February 10) as what we call a “pre-conference day”.

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XML Prague 2012 – the venue

October 8, 2011 Comments Off on XML Prague 2012 – the venue

The seventh edition of XML Prague will be different in a couple of respects. The most visible change is perhaps the new venue. Our little conference has always been connected to the Lesser Town campus of Charles University. The beautiful building just a few steps from primary Prague’s tourist attractions has been the conference home since 2005. And it was a perfect home –  until we have reached its limits. The maximum capacity of 140 people was no problem for the early editions (2005 – 2009), but it became a weakness in the recent years. In 2010, the conference was sold out two months before it started. And in 2011, the last available seats were taken before we announced the speakers and sessions.
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